Poem - The Zink

Unpublished -- Copyright © 1984 Paul M. Strickler and Black Castle Entertainment, LLC


The Zink

Once upon a time,
all covered with slime,
who looked like a toad,
in the pond by the road,
there lived the Zink.

While some thought the Zink to be small,
others protested that he was quite tall,
now the reason for this,
is simple to list -
the Zink has never been seen at all!

In legends it is told,
the Zink was very bold,
he would come out at night,
to fulfill his appetite.

But now the Zink has been forgotten by most all,
hiding like a toad,
all covered with slime,
in the pond by the road.

Until one day,
on the road by the pond,
came little Sam Rine,
all dressed up so fine,
to fish with his line,
in the hopes to find . . .
a fish.

But while little Sam Rine,
fished with his line,
there came a strange noise,
from the depths of the slime.

A slurping, sucking, muck-raking sound,
arose from the ground,
to terrify Sam Rine,
and so he ran with his line,
but slipped in the slime,
to fall,
on his behind.

And all covered with slime,
to arise before poor Sam Rine,
arose the great Zink,
who was the color of black ink.

"Do not fear," said the Zink
"For if you give me your line,
I think I might decline,
to bury your bones,
down deep in the slime."

Though as little Sam Rine,
now all covered with grime,
approached the lone Zink,
to present him his line,
he tripped on a stick,
and fell like a brick,
right over the edge,
and right over the brink,
he fell into the pond,
and began to sink.

And so into the slime went little Sam Rine,
as the toad-like Zink began to dine.