Lost Boy

For years, the cage defined the boundaries of his existence. It's where he lived, played, and slept. It's where nineteen years were spent without a name, freedom, or a friend.

Now, things are different. The cage? Forever open. His parents? Dead. What to do? The Ghosts try to help, sometimes offering advice, but more often only criticizing and mocking. He is a man in age only, his mind undeveloped and inexperienced in the ways of Outside World.

So, he enjoys his freedom and explores his new world filled with things never before seen, heard, or tasted. In the nearby woods, he finds an abandoned cabin, an old rusted truck, and a river and plays like a child.

Then comes the car crash. In the twisted wreckage he finds him--the boy, alone and afraid, like him--the Lost Boy. What to do? Take him home. Play with him. Feed and protect him. Teach him the Games, but without the pain. Then put him in the cage, because the cage is where little boys go. The cage is where little boys live.

So begins Lost Boy. Where a worried family and manhunt get ever closer with each day. Where a suspicious police detective keeps asking questions, and a mother's diary provides terrible details, but few answers. Where a cold river beckons to hide all traces, and a final confrontation reveals the shocking truth of relationships unnatural and murders as profound as they are unfathomable.


Genre: mainstream-literary

Cover art: Connie Muscat